ASocialMediaChampion4U offers a wide range of personalized services to meet the needs of individuals, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

Services include: social media business strategy, social media training, social media marketing, and WordPress website design.

Specialties: social media “power trio” training (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook), and online writing sharing the latest social media news, tools, tips, and techniques.

Consulting Services:  tailored to meet specific customer needs.  By defining specific needs / goals, we formulate an approach to achieve the desired objective.

Website services:

  • WordPress website design, blog setup
  • Website optimization
  • Website Assessment
  • Website and social media integration
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Training Modules:

Do you have a LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter account, and think, “now what”?
→ Sign up for a training module to find out how to put these networks to work for you

  • Twitter 101
  • Twitter 4 Business
  • Twitter Overview & Social Media Tune Up
  • LinkedIn 101
  • LinkedIn Intermediate / Advanced
  • Facebook 101
  • Facebook 4 Business

Do you need someone to take the mystery out of social media for you?
→ Come to social media “Power Trio” Workshop and put these networks to work for you

  • Social Networking Overview
  • Social Media “Power Trio” Workshop includes:
    LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook overview
  • Foursquare Overview – included in “Power Trio” Workshop
  • Set up accounts and profiles, learn basics

Do you need help with a new or existing website?
→ Come to WordPress Workshop to:

  • Learn how to create a WordPress website, and set up a blog
  • Optimize your website with latest Plugins and social media tools
  • Integrate website and social media – make a website more “social”

Do you need a social media campaign to promote your business?

  • Learn how to leverage social media to create an “online voice”
  • Learn which networks to use to drive website traffic

How do I “engage, not enrage” followers to attract more clients?
→ Come to social networking workshop to learn more
→ Read SocialMediaToday: 5 best practice tips: use social media to engage, not enrage followers

  • Learn – to create an online voice to promote your brand
  • Listen – to what others are saying about you
  • Engage – your contacts / customers regularly
  • Share – something of value to your community
  • Build – relationships and maintain them
  • Grow – a strong, dynamic social media presence