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Social media is the now firmly part of mainstream America. It is the way that people connect, engage, communicate, and create valuable relationships on the internet.

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“Whether one chooses to take a closer look at social media in an attempt to understand it and embrace it, or opts to ignore it or dismiss it, social media is here to stay and is now part of our culture.” – July 15, 2009 Richmond Social Media Examiner article “Do you need a social media champion?”

Social media can be a double-edged sword, whether one is building brand recognition, promoting a business, or in career transition, and seeking a new job — so use it wisely. Your “online voice” may create engagement, attract new followers / website visitors / business clients / potential employers, or drive people away, if used negatively or improperly.
Even if one has a strong online presence, a social media tune-up is needed from time to time, to be sure that your brand is protected, the content you share adds value, is “on message”, and no “digital dirt” exists.

Why do you need to use social media?
“If you haven’t introduced Social Media into your marketing plan you are missing out on a larger audience for your product or service. According to The Nielsen Company (November 2010) US Internet users spend 3x more minutes on blogs and social networks than on email. That means that a prospective client will spend 3 times more time reading your blog article than reading the email you send to their inbox!

By using Social Media, you can amplify your brand, your website, and your content. It also works to help you to establish and then nurture a more personal relationship with your potential customers, and when done properly, it can generate website traffic, inbound links, and leads for your company. Social media is now a major part of he consumer culture now and it is time.”
- from The Social Media Tuneup for Success on Facebook and Twitter (ebook)
Here are some social media tune-up tips to assess your online presence, identify areas that need a “tuning”, and address any concerns or problem areas.

#1 Social media background check

  • What social networks are being used?
  • Are profiles complete — current and accurate?
  • Online presence consistent across social media sites? (“on message”, same or similar photo used)?
  • Leverage the “Power Trio” (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook), Google+, YouTube* for brand building (*videos enhance presence, short is better, 2-4 mins. Max)
  • Use LinkedIn / Twitter search to get latest on target companies
  • Search / follow thought leaders, people with similar interests, and competition (for insights)
  • “Like” Facebook biz pages, use Twitter search to follow #hashtags — Ex: #RVA_jobs, #jobsearch, #twittertips, #smallbizchat, #jobs, #asmc4u
  • Join LinkedIn groups, career networking groups, become an “active” member, add value
  • Share your expertise, tips to help others

#2 Do you have an online voice?

  • Does your “online voice” tell your unique story?
  • Are you building a strong web presence?
  • Are you building a positive brand by sharing something of value – tools, tips, news, giveaways?
  • Are you supporting and promoting others?

#3 Message considerations

  • Does your message convey who you are and what you do?
  • Consistent, “on brand”?
  • Sharing frequently, but not “too often”?
  • “Less is more”
  • “Quality not quantity”

#4 Google Search / SEO

  • Social media background check: look at your social media presence
  • Search your name, company name on Google, Bing, or Yahoo every 1-2 weeks to review results
  • Do results show positive brand image, “on message”?
  • Any negative comments, “digital dirt”, or issues that need to be addressed – “cleaned up” or new direction needed?
  • SEO – where do you show up? 1st or 2nd page of Google, Bing, Yahoo search engine results?
  • Is your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or YouTube channel doing what they need to do?

For all 9 tips, see the Examiner article, 9 Social media tune-up tips 4u. For more social media news, views, tools, and tips, see: Richmond Social Media Examiner
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Overview of recent LinkedIn changes


As social networks continue to evolve and change, keeping up with all the innovations, additions, and deletions, can be a bit daunting at times. If anyone has tried to update their LinkedIn profile recently, a few changes are immediately noticeable.

LinkedIn rolled out some changes at the end of the 3rd quarter in 2012, others are still pending.

LinkedIn keeps changing things up and tinkering with features. Confusing? You bet.

If you want an optimized, more magnetic profile, please take a few minutes to review the changes, and bring your profile up to date.

Here is a review of what you need to know.



Home activity feed is front and center for better visibility

Bigger is better, easier on the eyes, with larger images, logos, and profile photos.
A ‘LinkedIn Today recommends this news for you’ window has been added, with suggested news stories, scrollable, allows for selection of which stories to view.

A new “See new updates” button lists the new updates pending, and immediately to the right, there is an ‘All Updates’ drop-down menu that allows one to switch between ‘Top’ and ‘Recent’, and several other filter options

Engage with your network

Recent activity is now on the top of the profile, allowing you to stay current with what your network has been sharing and doing.



Photo, Name & Professional Headline stand out more

Profile photo is much larger

More visually appealing—so use a high quality photo to enhance your online image for personal branding and marketing.

Professional headline is more prominent

This becomes the first impression people have of you and what you do.  Choose your best, industry specific keywords wisely, to deliver your branding message within the 120-character limit.

Profile sections are easier to read and more interesting

Sections are more visually appealing with the addition of icons for each section header. Logos for companies where you have worked, and other organizations you include, create a much more impressive total branding picture.

Note: It is important to correctly identify the company or organization (as listed on their LinkedIn company page) or the logo will NOT attach to your profile.

New profile sections – complete your story and highlight your successes

The addition of new sections – Publications, Volunteer Experience & Causes, Causes You Care About, Organizations You Support, Certifications, Publications, Projects, Courses, Languages, Patents, and Test Scores allow you to offer a more complete story of your accomplishments.

Profile sections can be easily re-arranged in any order

Use the Up / Down arrow icon on the right of each profile section to Move the section UP or Down to the desired location.

Skills & Expertise

New endorsements feature provides better visibility of your skills and expertise— Be sure to list your most important skills.

Leverage this tool and reach out to those who know you, so you can get endorsed for them.


Are now embedded at the end of your experience entries with for better visibility and positioning. Image of person that recommended you is also included, which allows the recommendation to stand out better, for easier viewing.

Commonalities and interests are highlighted

While viewing someone’s profile, you can now see at a glance what you have in common–such as Skills, Groups, Interests, Location, Schools, Causes, Supported Organizations.

Additionally, you are looking at data points, which can help virtually connect you with that person and may possibly led to a dialogue with them, at some point.

LinkedIn is now providing you this information by showcasing your commonalities on a widget on the right hand side of every profile you visit.

Strategy:  The more interesting information you share on your profile that aligns with your brand and business strategy, the better chance that a reader will feel aligned with you–that’s always a good thing. You might consider adding keywords that will hopefully create commonalities with those that you want to attract to your profile – and reach out to you as a result.

 ** Applications have changed or been removed

LinkedIn Applications are being replaced with a new feature that lets you add media links to images, presentations, videos, and documents on your profile.  Not everything will be available or function the same way going forward.

You can click below to see how to access and display content for some of those applications:

  • SlideShare Presentations by SlideShare
  • WordPress by Automatic
  • Box Files by Box
  • Amazon Reading List by Amazon

More information - http://help.linkedin.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/34326


Additional references used for this review:

New LinkedIn Profile Changes Made Easy

8 Creative Tips to Help You Maximize Your New LinkedIn Personal Profile Page for 2013


- Daulton West, Jr. , aka “DWestJr” on Twitter

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