Friday shout-outs => Best social media + job search + personal branding sites

ADheadshot500Friday shout-outs => Best social media + job search + personal branding sites

It’s Friday and I thought I would try something new.  For those of you on Twitter, I’m sure you’re familiar with the #FollowFriday concept. This is how you recognize friends, authors, industry leaders, and others, with a Twitter @mention on Friday, as a way to thank them for sharing valuable content and to recommend their work. (a sort of “pay-it-forward”)

Today, I’m highlighting industry leaders who have been great resources for me, and have provided timely social media tips for creating a successful job search strategy.  Whether you are new to social networking, personal branding, actively looking for a job, or seeking a  career change, I’m sure you will find, as I did, that these leaders provide a great service to all their followers by researching and sharing the latest tools, tips, late-breaking news, and industry trends.

Today’s recommendations: Job Searching – Job Search Tips - Alison Doyle

Alison Doyle is a job search expert with many years of experience in human resources, career development, and job searching, with a focus on online job searching, job search technology, social media, and professional networking. She has covered job searching for since 1998.  Alison is the author of Internet Your Way to a New Job: How to Really Find a Job Online (2009) and the Guide to Job Searching (2006). Her time-saving tips will help you jump start your job search and get into gear.

Career Success Radio – Keith Keller and Annemarie Cross

Career Success Radio is a global media network and founder of the career management and development portal – Career Success Mastery Network, an innovative and pioneering concept within the human development and potential arena. Co-hosted by multi award-winning Career Management, Personal Branding and Brand Communications Specialist and Author of ’10 key steps to Ace that Interview’ — Annemarie Cross, as well as International Social Media Strategy Coach and Social Media Specialist — Keith Keller.

Annemarie and Keith amass 17+ years’ career and HR experience and harness their expertise to bring you empowering career-related topics so you can accelerate your level of success whether you are a career changer or an entrepreneur running your own business.
@KeithKeller @AnnemarieCross

Executive Career Brand – Meg Guiseppi

Executive Personal Branding, Resume, Biography, Online Identity & Job Search Strategies for C-Suite, Senior Executives and Rising Stars. Your unique promise of value … differentiated, strategically positioned, and connecting.”I love my work collaborating with savvy top-level executives and entrepreneurs who know where they’re going, but need help branding their unique promise of value in the new world of work and executive job search, and positioning themselves to work their passion.”

Interview Angel – Brent Peterson

The Complete Interview Preparation and Execution Toolkit
Looking for a new job? What will make you stand out from the crowd?
You can significantly improve your odds of getting hired if you have the tools to
properly prepare for and execute the job interview.

Personal Branding Blog – Dan Schawbel

The Personal Branding Blog is your #1 resource for personal branding online.
Topics covered: Career development, recruitment, marketing/branding, public relations, social media, entrepreneurship, search engine optimization (SEO) and relationship networking.

Tim’s Strategy – Tim Tyrell-Smith

Ideas for job search, career, and life.   A menu of resources – tools, tips, career experts, e-books, and Tim’s insight on the psychology of the job search.  Excellent blog posts, and career expert recommendations.

I hope you find this list beneficial.  I look forward repeating the Friday shout-outs again in the near future.

  1. Hi Daulton,

    What a great idea for a Friday roundup!

    Thanks for including me among such luminaries. I’m sure I’m not the only one in your list who learns plenty from you, too.

    I truly appreciate your continued support and retweets.


  2. Thanks for dropping in and sharing your thoughts.
    I truly appreciate your continued support as well.

    Your outstanding blog posts continue to be a great benefit for all those in career transition – Executives, new job seekers, and everything in between.

    I am glad I can give back a bit and share my findings via my Examiner articles. It’s nice to know you find them useful.

    All the best,
    – Daulton