What We Offer

“A champion on your team ~ A winning strategy 4 your business”

At ASocialMediaChampion4U, we are an online marketing guide to help small businesses navigate the social media landscape to increase visibility and engage more clients.

We take the mystery out of social media so businesses and professionals unleash the power of social media to reach their strategic marketing and business goals.

What We Do

We offer “personal training” and coaching to small businesses, so they can embrace and strategically leverage the potential of social media to create better brand awareness, and online conversations, to attract more followers and potential clients.

How Do We Do That?

As a social media “coach“, we offer the latest “best practice” tools and tips, and design a strategy to reach, engage, and attract more followers. We enable clients to obtain the all important KLT (Know, Like, and Trust) level of awareness and show them how to use social media to “engage, not enrage” followers to attract more business.

Need to better understand and utilize Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+?
We work out a strategy with you including social media audit, goal setting, social media strategy, content creation, promotion, and use analytics to track progress and adjust your strategy as needed.

Need to better utilize SEO and measure your engagement and reach?

Need someone to manage it all?
We will customize a social media marketing plan just for you and make it happen!

If you are starting a business, or have a business, and need help putting social media to work for you? Check out our Services page – we can help.